Moremi Game Reserve


5,000 sq. km



Best time to visit

June to October

The oldest protected section of the Okavango Delta

On the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, you find the Moremi Game Reserve – a paradise for safari and wildlife enthusiasts. It was declared a Game Reserve in 1963 and the initially protected area was further expanded in the 1970’s. Today, it is home to a large variety of wildlife, including the Big Five.

Game drive safari in the Moremi Game Reserve

The safari destination

The Moremi Game Reserve offers the very best in a Botswana safari. Its terrain features a mixture of open plains, dry woodlands, wide floodplains, criss-crossing waterways, and waterlily decorated lagoons, allowing you to explore its rich ecosystem by both land and water, in a 4×4 safari vehicle and in a mokoro.

The aim of the Moremi Game Reserve was and still is to preserve the prodigious local wildlife found in the region. This goal was headed by Mohumagadi (Queen) Elizabeth Pulane Moremi of the local BaTawana tribe. It is the BaTawana Royal title, that the Game Reserve derives its name from, “Moremi”.

Moremi is home to a tremendous diversity of wildlife including elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, buffalo, crocodile, and a host of antelope species including the sable, roan, tsessebe, and the rare sitatunga. These animals along with lechwe, impala, zebra and wildebeest contribute to that which the Moremi is most famous for: its high density of both predator and prey alike. On safari tours in this area, you have the chance to safely come into close proximity with lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and even the rarely found African Wild Dog whilst on your game drives. When this is combined with the fact that both white and black rhinos have been reintroduced to the area around Chief’s Island, you have all the ingredients for a spectacular safari, which could include each of the Big 5.

Not all regions of the Moremi Game Reserve can be easily accessed and some of the more remote areas require a fly-in safari program. Not every region is open to the public either, which means you can also have a highly exclusive, high-end safari experience in the Moremi Game Reserve if you prefer.

One of the most famous sections of the Moremi Game Reserve is Chief’s Island. Formerly the designated royal hunting ground of the chief of the local BaTawana tribe, the island was eventually incorporated into the Moremi Game Reserve. Access to the island is not permitted to public vehicles and the island is host to some of the most exclusive lodges and tented camps in the Moremi.

The Xakanaxa Lagoon with its mopane forests and shallow lagoons offers fantastic opportunities for game viewing on both land and water. Located in the centre of the Moremi Game Reserve, the area is accessible by safari vehicle for most parts of the year. It is known to be home to a great wildlife concentration, particularly famous for its leopard and cheetah sightings, but elephants and lions can also be spotted here.

Another popular safari area in the Moremi Game Reserve is the Khwai Region, found to the north east of the reserve. The Khwai River forms the natural border of the Moremi Game Reserve and on both sides of the river you stand the chance of encountering amazing wildlife and birdlife. In the Khwai Community Area north of the reserve, you could even go on a walking safari or a night drive and explore the region in these wonderful ways.

Moremi Game Reserve safari tours can be enjoyed at any time of year as every season the park offers you something different. Some regions however, are difficult, or even impossible to access during certain times of the year and may even be closed between January and March. Speaking to one of our travel experts as to your perfect time to travel is therefore always advisable.

The Moremi Game Reserve deserves to be classified as one of the best wildlife areas not only in Botswana, but in Africa as a whole. No matter when you decide to travel and regardless of the part of the reserve you decide to visit, the amazing diversity of landscapes and wildlife will make your safari in the Moremi Game Reserve a memorable one every time.

Botswana Moremi Game Reserve
Moremi rare wildlife sightings

Rare Wildlife Sightings

You could encounter African Wild Dogs as well as black and white rhinos on your safari tour in the Moremi Game Reserve. Your chance of witnessing both of these rare, magnificent creatures is higher in the Moremi than anywhere else in Botswana.

Safari activities

Different Safari Activities

You can go on spectacular game drives and wonderful mokoro excursions inside the Moremi Game Reserve. You can also go on thrilling night drives and walking safaris when overnighting just outside the reserve in the Khwai Community Area.

Wildlife close-up Moremi

Botswana’s Wildlife up Close

You have the chance to see a wide range of animals up close, as the animals in the Moremi Game Reserve are known to be quite relaxed. You will be amazed at how impressive Moremi’s wildlife is, especially when seen up close.

A male lion in the grass at the Moremi Game Reserve

Part of the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve is a prime safari destination with excellent wildlife viewing.

A helicopter safari and arial view of the Okavango Delta

Experience a helicopter safari as the world below you grows smaller and larger at the same time.

Two travellers and a poler on a mokoro trip in the Moremi

Quietly cruising through the peaceful waterways as you enter the wildlife world on a mokoro trip.

A walk way and view of the horizon at a lodge in the Moremi

From basic to luxurious accommodations, the horizon will always look grand from your Moremi terrace.

A large tree in the savannah of the Moremi in Botswana

Different vegetation attracts different wildlife, creating a unique experience; Moremi never gets boring.


Best time to go to the Moremi Game Reserve

Both the dry and the green season offer something spectacular. During the dry season, conditions are ideal for game viewing and for mokoro excursions. The green season coincides with the calving season and during this time you will also find tremendous birdlife in the Moremi.

Botswana dry season for Kgalagadi safari tours

Dry Season

April to October

Best for wildlife sightings & mokoro trips

Botswana wet season for Kgalagadi safari tours

Green Season

November to March

Best for birding & calving season

Why to go

A premier safari destination

The Moremi Game Reserve is one of the best safari destinations in Africa. The density and diversity of predator and prey species, together with its beautiful and varied landscapes, makes this a region which will leave you in awe, no matter what you have already seen before.

Classic game drive safari in the Moremi Game Reserve
travel expert
Moremi never disappoints; I’ve had incredible wildlife sightings here! And even though it’s one of the most popular game reserves in one of the best safari destinations in Africa, it doesn’t feel crowded and you can enjoy very exclusive moments.
Marlene | Botswana Travel Expert

Experience the Moremi Game Reserve

A safari game drive vehicle in the Moremi Game Reserve
Classic Game Drives

In one of the best areas for wildlife sightings on the continent

A classic mokoro trip in the Moremi Game Reserve
Mokoro Trips

Best done during the dry season between April and October

A lion pride at night on a night game drive in the Moremi Game Reserve
Night Game Drives & Walking Safaris

In the private Khwai Community Area just outside the Game Reserve

Things to do

Varied Safari Activities

Experience the various landscapes and diversity of wildlife of the Moremi Game Reserve in different ways: fantastic game drives through the open dry-lands, the floodplains and the forests; mokoro trips through the lagoons, waterways, and wetlands. Go on walking safaris and night drives just outside the Game Reserve in the Khwai Community Area.

An adult elephant with its calf in the Moremi Game Reserve

On the floodplains and lagoons, elephants enjoy the ample fresh water supply; they feed in the fig tree and leadwood forests.

A hippo moving into the water of the Okavango Delta in the Moremi

A maze of waterways, lagoons and lush riverbanks make the perfect home for these territorial giants.

African wild hunting dogs in the Moremi
African Wild Hunting Dogs

These smart but rare hunters are regularly seen in the dense Mopane forests around the Xakanaxa Lagoon.

An African fish eagle taking-off in Botswana
African Fish Eagle

Listen for this hunter’s distinct call and recognise them by their white head and dark wings.


One of the best wildlife regions in Botswana

Surrounded by a fantastic diversity of wildlife species, you can fully immerse yourself in the natural habitat of the animals nearby and reconnect with the nature all around you. Look out for the Big Five and many more species you’d expect on a classic safari: giraffes, hippos, antelopes, and even African wild hunting dogs.

Where to stay Moremi Game Reserve

View of a room at the Mogogelo Camp in Botswana

Mogogelo Camp

Khwai Guest House Moremi Game Reserve

Khwai Guest House

Khwai Leadwood Camp African Bush Camps

Khwai Leadwood Camp

Cape buffalo standing in front of the Rra Dinare Camp in the Moremi Region

Rra Dinare Camp

Okuti Camp Ker & Downey Moremi Game Reserve

Okuti Camp Botswana

Sango Safari Camp Moremi Game Reserve

Sango Safari Camp

Mobile Camp setup with guest tent campfire mess tent

Mobile Camps


The Moremi Game Reserve is a protected section of the Okavango Delta, located on the eastern side of the famous inland delta in northern Botswana. You can access Moremi by 4×4 vehicle on a guided safari or even self-drive tour. Depending on the location of your lodge and after heavy rains, small Cessna Grand Caravan aircrafts operated as shuttle service take you from Maun to the Moremi Game Reserve.

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